Collection Development

I am taking over our church library and planning to week about 75% of the collection -- with senior pastor as final decision maker. 

I have small budget for the remainder of this year - a few hundred dollars. Next year I will have more but not sure how much. 

Assuming we have nothing as far as contemporary authors (which is pretty much the case) -- what 10 - 20 books do you think are essential for revitalizing our library.

Thanks for your assistance. I'm sure I will be asking more as I progress further in this adventure. I am a retired public librarian -- mostly in management. 

Sandie Enders

First Presbyterian Church Dearborn

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  • I would add to the authors  Denise mentioned: Cynthia Ruchti (both fiction and non-fiction); John Stonestreet; Nancy Pearcey; Abdu Murray.

    • Thanks, that is helpful. Sandie

  • C. S. Lewis, John Piper, Philip Yancey, Lee Strobel, Randy Alcorn.  Biographies go out quite frequently at our library.  If you have to start somewhere these are some I would recommend.  Also, if you want more ideas for good books, consider signing up for the ECLA Spring event that is Grand Rapids at Baker book house.   They start with a librarian day on Friday and workshops on Saturday.  You get 30% off book purchases. They have a wonderful used book section and there are many $5 books offered during that time.  Also, they often give away books during this event.  it is a great way to add to your library inexpensively and you get to meet other librarians. You can go to one or two of the days and it is only $30 if you do the all day Saturday event.  it is the first year they are doing this in this way and we are excited to offer it to librarians in and around Michigan.  

    • Thanks for the author suggestions and information about the event in Grand Rapids. Where can I go to be sure I get the information about this in the spring? I moved this summer from West Michigan to the Detroit area (grandchildren) so have people I could stay with. 


  • Are you talking Fiction or Nonfiction? 

    • Nonfiction for now. Our current nonfiction is more outdated than the fiction collection. Thanks! Sandie

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