Calling all church librarians in Michigan to join this group to share stories, prayer requests, and ideas!

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  • We also use LibraryThing.  It is WONDERFUL.  We are around 11,000 books and have a monthly newsletter that goes out.  

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    Thanks for creating the Michigan group, Morlee.  Our group has not yet met again but I did take a look around the local Methodist church library and saw that they use LibraryThing to keep track of the collection.  That is my thought also.  Will post something once our fledgling group meets again.  Thanks.

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Collection Development

I am taking over our church library and planning to week about 75% of the collection -- with senior pastor as final decision maker. I have small budget for the remainder of this year - a few hundred dollars. Next year I will have more but not sure how much. Assuming we have nothing as far as contemporary authors (which is pretty much the case) -- what 10 - 20 books do you think are essential for revitalizing our library.Thanks for your assistance. I'm sure I will be asking more as I progress…

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How do I modernize a traditional church library?

I need the help of someone who has done this...  I started  and have continued to manage a sizable church library that is now 50 years old.  It is organized with standard library procedures.   I have a (now outdated) library degree.  It is time to go the computer route and I have no idea how to go about doing that or what modern procedures it makes sense for a library of our size and usage to adopt and what would be more of a hindrance than a help.  Has anyone done this?  I would love to chat…

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