• I use Quick Cataloging but will usually check the Dewey numbers that I am not 100% sure of.  I rarely find that I have to use the advanced search or catalog from scratch anymore unless it is a self published book. I have found that if I select Aspen Public Schools as one of my search choices I hardly ever have any misses. They have an amazing collection of Christian books and DVDs entered.

  • I use the Quick Cataloging, but I always use the advanced option. I found that putting the ISBN in the Quick Cataloging feature doesn't always bring up a response. But putting the ISBN in the Advanced option brings up the desired information with some regularity. I rarely have to do my own cataloging. It also depends upon the age of the books - it seems as though the older the book, the more likely I am to have to catalog it myself.

  • Quick Cataloging is the best way to go.  Put the ISBN in the box. If that doesn't pull in the record, then click on "Advanced". Type in the author's last name and title. If that doesn't pull in the record, you may have to catalog the item by yourself.

    Keep in mind that some publishers give a book their own ISBN and some of the websites have changed their information.

    You may want to look at the Quick Catalog settings. Go to Administration | Catalog | Quick Catalog (z39.50) Settings. Make sure you have the correct information for the sites you are searching. Here are a few sites that I have in my list:

    Library of Congress: IP address:    Port: 210  Database name: LCDB_MARC8. 

    Capital Area District Library:   IP address:   Port: 210    Database name:  INNOPAC

    Ohio Link:   IP Adress:  Port: 210  Database name: INNOPAC

    Eva Nell Hunter's library site is another one you can use:

     Central Baptist Church Decatur :  IP Address:   Port: 210  Database name: CBCD

    I hope this helps. 

    • The sites listed by Allison Maynard are the ones that I use and and I am able to find a match most of the time!  

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