Preparing to Convert from Concourse to Atriuum

We go live with Atriuum on January 25, 2021.  We have scrambled these past several weeks cleaning up some messes we had made in Concourse over the years in preparation for converting to Atriuum. I wish we had given ourselves more time.  If your library is considering Atriuum, please give yourself plenty of time to "get your house in order."  We chose to eliminate audiocassettes from our collection, and that took quite some time going through the deletion process for those items.  We are still in the process of weeding through videotapes.  We also needed to clean up our Patron List.  All in all, we know we'll be more than satisfied with Atriuum, but, boy, are we tired right now.

Brian McCartney

First Baptist Church Griffin GA

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  • Brian, our church library also converted from Concourse to Atriuum in the fall of 2020. You are certainly correct about the importance of thoroughly preparing for the conversion. Even with all our preparation, like you, we continue to edit and correct patron and material records as needed. It is an ongoing process,  but a worthwhile one.  Hope all went well and you are now reaping the benefits of a job well done. BookSystems does a great job training and are available for tech support when needed. Take advantage of the videos and training links they gave you when you need a refresher.

    Elizabeth Starkey

    Mt Vernon Baptist Church

    Boone, NC

  • Great advoce for anything we try to do!! Thanks!

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