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  • Central Alabama would like to invite you to attend the Central Alabama Library Conference on Saturday March 4th. at Shoal Creek Baptist church in Deatsville, Al. Why not make plans to take a Road Trip to Wetumpka, Al where Ben and Erin filmed Home Town Take over and attend the conference that is about 12 miles away from Wetumpka, The Hampton in located in Wetumpka is offering a reduced rate if you are attending this event.
  • Welcome, Donna

  • Brad, I was wondering if you are still active with the library? I noticed nothing has been posted since 2013.

  • I plan to attend the conference at Ridgecrest in Aug.  Anyone else going?  Love to meet you there.


  • I am interested in a state meeting if there is one.

  • Brad,

    I am interested in a "nuts and bolts" workshop for Arkansas.  I need practical information on collection development, creative display ideas, promotion ideas to get the church interested in the library, and possible ways to raise funds (my budget is small).  I will help someone in any way I can, but I can not be in charge of organizing this workshop.  I am heartened that there is a movement to at least try to have this event.  Keep me posted.

    JoAnn Edwards

    First Baptist Church

    Benton, Arkansas

  • If there were a workshop offered here in Arkansas I would love it. I have no idea about what I am doing. And I need all the help I can get.


  • If you are involved in church library ministry at your church - we want to invite you to join our "Arkansas Church Librarians" NING Social Network group. Help us grow the reach and influence of church libraries in Arkansas. Connect! Share! Exchange Ideas! Let's plan on meeting together at a host church - workshops, talks and tips, and edify each other in the Kingdom Work. You serve a vital part of your church's Discipleship Strategy - let's collaborate to be the Best we can Be for His Glory !
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Church Librarian Workshop

Time of year is probably flexible.  Location, of course, the closer the better.  I have no objection to traveling but if it would require overnight, some where near Arkadelphia would work.  I could stay with family.  I would also offer our church, New Hope, 2720 Hwy 117 in Lawrence County, Northeast area as a host church.  Our library has very little organization of any kind and no one trained in selection, circulation, acquisition, ie almost anything.  We have some books and some bookshelves. 

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