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  • Our Children's Summer Reading Club is called "Book A Trip". Ideas are  from the Upstart Catalog. There will be prizes throughout the time (June 7-Aug 17)

    At the end, we have a pizza party and award "Books In Honor" for the children who have read the allotted  number of books. They get to be the first to check the book out!  It generates a lot of reading during the summer months. Books have to be from our library in order to be on the reading logs.

    For our Adults, we have this year, "Starbooks" which has been taken from an old "Media Library Magazine". (I have saved them all) Our readers list the books they read from June 7 - August 17 on a reading log, plus the number of pages in the book. We award the top 10 readers a "Book In Honor" to them. They get to be the first to check out the book. At the end of the summer, we have a Pot-Luck Lunch and award the books, visit and have good food. 

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