January 26, 2021


This week we have a free offer, an announcement about one of our CLN groups, and something to grapple with about our churches.

Free Offer

Check out Susan Full’s offer to send you supplies that she no longer needs. That’s free shipping. Click here for the list.


Susan Full is replacing Debbie Muller as administrator for our CLN Illinois Group. Those of us located in Illinois are welcome to join this group as well as anyone interested in the Illinois group. Click here. This group already has 15 members so join the fun!

After the Pandemic

An important part of what we face as church and synagogue librarians is connecting with what is happening in our faith families. Dr. Clay Stauffer is pastor of Woodmont Christian Church in Nashville. In Saturday’s Tennessean, he was the author of an informative article about predictions concerning where we may find ourselves as a result of the pandemic. Lots of bloggers are doing such postings right now for pastors. Dr. Stauffer provides us with a collection of these predictions. Click here to read his article. Let’s consider implications of these predictions for our library ministries. We need to be thinking ahead just like our church and synagogue leaders are doing right now. Click here for a conversation.

Onward and Upward!

Morlee Maynard, Coordinator

Church Librarians Network


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