• I've used CBD, Amazon, Abe Books, Alibris, used book stores, yard sales, etc., but I also like Library and Educational Services. It's not a retail site, but churches, homeschoolers, librarians and others are eligible to use it.  They are primarily aimed at a younger audience, but do offer some adult Christian fiction and nonfiction, audio books, etc.  Although they don't advertise as a Christian site, it is a conservative one who screens its offerings and definitely offers many Christian items for children.  If one of their books mentions anyone or anything to do with evolution, it is specifically spelled out in the description of the product.  I have never been disappointed.  Their prices frequently beat others, however, they do not usually offer free shipping except for very large orders, although that amount was greatly reduced during this holiday season.  Like everyone else, I spend a lot of time comparing prices.

    • I would second LES.  It's about an hour from where I live,  and we have gone there on occasion to buy books for the library and for prizes for programs.  They sometimes put together nice sets for really good prices.

  • I check the local thrift stores for books.  Sometimes they have a religion section that makes it easy to find. The prices are hard to beat.  I lucked into a $0.10/book sale and could go crazy!  

  • I need to try some of these suggestions. I check prices on CBD and Amazon. If I can get free shipping on CBD, sometimes they are cheaper.

  • - many of their books are around 3.50 and if you spend 10.00 you don't pay any shipping.  Also with every so many dollars (I've forgotten how many) you get a free book. 

    These are used books and condition of the books varies.

  • The place we go first is Thrift Books online They sell used and new books, and they give a free book when your purchases reach certain amounts. I also check prices with Amazon and Christian Book Distributors, and usually buy at the cheapest of the three. If the book is our of our reach financially, I put it in the wish list on Thrift Books, and wait until a like new copy comes in with a lower price.

  • I love to go to local library book sales.  I've scored about 35 books in the past month and another library has a sale starting this Friday.  We have a small church library and I have pictures of all the CF/YF and I have pictures of the books I've already bought and ones on my own bookshelf that will go to our Media Center when I read them.  It helps me to not buy duplicates.  But...sometimes one slips in, so I plan on keeping it along with some others to give away somewhere. 


    Find Christ Books (call them)

    Answers in Genesis

    Sometimes from Library and Educational Services

    Majesty Music (they do carry some books also- not many)

    I also check for recommendations, World Magazine, the blog of Pastor Tim Challies ( good book reviews.   

    Westminster Bookstore | Biblically-Faithful Books (K-MDiv)
    As a ministry of Westminster Theological Seminary our mission is to serve the church by curating, promoting, and distributing biblically faithful boo…
  • Probably 90% of our church library books come from yard sales!  I very rarely pay more than $1 for a book.  I even have several groups & individuals that now reach out to me whenever they have good Christian books available for sale. It is a win/win for everyone!  I only buy books that I know our patrons will read, that are in good condition and that meet our mission.  It is a labor of love!


  • I just joined and am totally new to being a church librarian. But I am a public library director of a non-profit library operating on a small budget. I love this site Book Depot. I believe their primary audience is book stores that have bargain sections. But these are all new books that are overstock. Some prices are as cheap as 50 cents.

    They do have minimums. I believe you have to spend $100 and buy 2 copies of each book. Or spend $250 to get just one copy of each book. But they do have several Christian publishers, including Thomas Nelson and Zondervan.

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