Good morning everyone,

I'm attempting to weed our 242 section, primarily devotional books in the calendar format.  How does everyone handle this section?  With all the ones published each year, do you carry them in your library?  How do you weed?

Thanks so much for any advice.



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    • Devotional exchange - brilliant idea!!

    • I love this idea.  Thank you for the tip.  I am sure many people have devotionals at home that were too good to throw away - but might not be read again.  What a great way to share the Word.

      Marilyn Trueblood

    • great idea

  • Don't add any in which the date is limited to a certain year. Offer them as freebies or toss them. 

    Any that have not checked out within 3-5 years, weed.

    Any with personal writings in them, weed.

    Offer a 6 month or one year checkout period on 1 year devotional books, and don't worry about getting them back.

    • I agree to all of the reply of Joanne Ladewig.  I just have a few classic devotionals, primarily so patrons can view them and sometimes to use for a presentation.

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