Sunday School Display

What materials do you pull for a display for the upcoming topics in each Sunday School class?  Do you pick one or two?  Do you try to do all?  I have a medium size church that has most adults in one Bible guide series from Lifeway and another adult group using a second.  Our  youth, children and preschoolers are all on different topics.   I have to admit that promotion is not my gift.  


Also, what should I use in the display besides books and movies?  


Lastly, this is for the Sunday School dinner this Sunday evening!

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  • Well, I see that this event has long since happened - how did it go??

    I think how much you pull depends largely on the size of your library and how many items you have that fit in the category at hand.  I'd make sure it was a nice-looking amount, not just a few because that looks kind of pathetic - unless you really only have a few on the topic.  I'd probably include a nice sign, indicating what topic the materials reflect, and another sign indicating that people are free to check out items and what the process is - and have pens on hand, along with whatever information they need (ie, our patrons are supposed to write the date on the book cards so I'd have the date prominently posted).

    • Fairly well; I did have about 12 materials (books, DVD's, maps, etc.) pulled out based on the topics I was given.  One book was checked out on the spot. 

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