The latest Christianbook catalog had a few pages dedicated to children's fiction.

Any feedback/ concerns/ recommendations for these authors or series?

  1. Chuck Black, Kingdom series (8-12yo)
  2. Chuck Black, Knights of Arrethtrae series (not sure of recommeded age)
  3. Chuck Black, Wars of the Realm series (not sure of recommeded age)
  4. Jerry  B. Jenkins, Red Rock Mysteries
  5. Jerry  B. Jenkins, The Wormling series
  6. M. J. Thomas, Secret of the Hidden Scrolls series (6-9yo)
  7. Frank Peretti, Cooper Kids Adventures (8-13yo)
  8. Jenni L. Walsh, Operation Happy (8-12yo) - isn't out yet - any experience with this author?
  9. Mike Nawrocki, The Dead Sea Squirrels series (not sure of recommended age, but description sounds young)
  10. Kathryn Butler, The DreamKeeper Saga (not sure of recommeded age)
  11. Melanie Dickerson, The Dericott Tales (teen)
  12. H. R. Hess, Callenlas Chronicles (teen)

Thank you!

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  • I was just reminded (by a youngster) of the Imagination Station series. May be fun to add to your list if you don't already have some titles.


    Imagination Station Series - Adventures in Odyssey - Set of 15 - Volumes #1-15 Including Surprise a…
    Imagination Station Series - Adventures in Odyssey - Set of 15 - Volumes #1-15 Including Surprise at Yorktown, Captured on the High Seas, the Redcoat…
  • We have all of these except for the Butler and Hess series.  We classified both Black series as teen fiction because that was shown on the cover, but Amazon shows ages 8-12 on the Kingdom series.  Jenkins' series and Dead Sea Squirrels are both classified as JF in our library.  

  • We have a few of the Dead Sea Squirrels books. They're essentially frosting- very light on Christian content, or meaningful content at all, really, but young (8ish year old) readers find them entertaining.

    Our church's 12 year olds have really enjoyed the DreamKeeper saga, to the extent that I've preordered the last three new titles in the series so I can can hand them to an eager reader the moment they're released.

    I have no familiarity with the others, but I've also very much enjoyed the Brady Street Boys series after seeing it advertised in World a while back (and the kids are enjoying it too!).

    Brady Street Boys - Katrina Hoover Lee
    Home Three teenage brothers. A project to learn the fruit of the Spirit. The search for a missing surgeon that could change their lives.   Indiana, 1…
  • I would recommend all of these. The only one that I don't know anything about is Jenni L. Walsh. I had most of these in my former church library. Chuck Black series is basically the same age range as his other one. A set that is older is the Mars Diaries by Sigmund Brouwer. My girls loved them as they were on the science fiction side. The Dead Sea Squirrels are fun to read to younger ages but they are very popular. 

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