Promotion brainstorming

Recently I met with a church who after surveying their congregation, were left with a feeling of frustration.   Of their ~160 attendees the Sunday of their survey, only 17 responded and 3 of those were from the team!  I had previously scoured this website (love our CLN!!) and had several of YOUR tips ready.  Here are a few:

  • 12 in '12 : reading 1 book per month for a total of 12 in the year 2012
  • Taking the books to the people: since the library is on the 2nd floor, we discussed taking a variety down to the high traffic areas.  2 were picked and will be implemented soon after the Christmas season.
  • Putting book reviews in the bulletin/newsletter.


Some things that they thought of:

  • Let's ask our congregation members, "What are you currently reading? Do you know if that is available in the library?  Might you be willing to donate it after you finish?"
  • Taking the children's SS classes into the library for a Sunday. Either as a library time or just to teach in that area to expose the kiddos to the books!


I also pointed out that much of what I brought to them was found here and gave them the site address.  Hope this helps others!  Merry Christmas everyone!  See you in March, April and / or May!

Jenn Burwell

CLM Reg 2 Rep

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