• Joyce, you asked about samples. Look what I found by searching "Newsletters" on the CLN. BTW, there were lots more choices when I searched Newsletters in the search field on the top of CLN.

    A popular topic on the CLN.

    Library Newsletter
    Does anyone else here put out a library newsletter?  What kinds of things do you put in it?  We started one last October, which has grown in scope qu…
  • I'm learning Publisher to create all promotional material for our church library. The more I've created the easier it has become.  I would look online for church newsletters and peruse all of  what is posted.  Some are seasonal which is nice. As of now, we publish quarterly but hope to move to monthly after the first of the year.

    Make it unique to your church library. 😊


  • We are wanting to do a newsletter but need ideas...where could I find samples?

  • Hi, I've been using Microsoft's Publisher. I've tried several others but having learned Publisher, I like it as much as anything. It comes with Office Pro Plus, along with Access, the database software, Both of these do not necessarily come with a simple Office program.

    LibraOffice is a compatible software to Office and is free. I've used it successfully back when it was called OpenOffice. It has both the Database and the Pubishing type software modules.

    When sending the Publisher newsletters, I always have to save it to a .PDF so it gets to people the way I wanted it to look. Sometimes if the newsletter is too large, I often send it to the printer or subscribers via WeTransfer which will transfer the larger files via email.

    Microsoft Office Pro Plus 2019 is the stand alone (non-subscription) program. There is also 2021 and 2024, But 2019 is less expensive and available inexpensively from Mr. Key Software  [Under $100.00]

    Home | LibreOffice - Free Office Suite - Based on OpenOffice - Compatible with Microsoft
    Free office suite – the evolution of OpenOffice. Compatible with Microsoft .doc, .docx, .xls, .xlsx, .ppt, .pptx. Updated regularly, community powere…
    • Thank you!  Our church has Publisher so that is what I have used to publish our first two newsletters.  It is a bit of a learning curve for me but with the help of one of our secretaries, I'm improving. I've learned about the pdf files for printing just as you have. Your answer is very thorough and I appreciate your wisdom.

    • I'm a fan of publisher! Our church pays $99 per year for Microsoft 365 and it allows 5 members to use publisher, word, excel, and PowerPoint. 

      • Yes, Publisher is what I am using now. I just wondered what others used.

        Thank you!

  •  We use MailChimp because our church uses it for all newsletters. The Communications assistant gave me access to the church account so I prep the newsletter then let her know when it is ready for her to edit and send. A free level is available which I have used with other groups. I like it! It is a business marketing email tool for customers, but that is not a bother for us in using it. There are LOTS of these email tools out there. 

    • I had read about it, but our folks use the Microsoft  365. 
      Thank you!

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