• Hello All! I have just completed my very first newsletter and I welcome your input...hopefully before I submit it for printing on Tuesday :-)

    I tried to stick to the color palette established by our church's communications team.

    I created it with Google Slides.

    I'm sure it looks different on a screen than it does when printed.

    Thanks in advance for any pointers you might have!

    Jeana Voss

    Southcrest Baptist Church


    Welcome to Southcrest’s Library News! My name is Jeana Voss, and I am excited to be Southcrest’s Librarian! My husband, Vaughnie, and I became SBC me…
    • Very appealing! You did a wonderful job. 

    • I think this looks lovely!  

  • I would love to learn how to do a newsletter. Is there a program that I can go to and it will set up blocks and places to write about the different books that I have in my library? Thank you


    • Cathie, I use pages because I have a mac. There is usually a newsletter format available on whatever word processing you use. I picked the layout, and then Debbie and I put the items we want to promote each month on the pages as they fit. Initially, it takes a little time to get comfortable and acquainted with the layout, but once you understand it, you can add more as you learn. Some programs on your computer have clipart already in your system that you can use, or there are areas online you can purchase them for a nominal price. The goal is to get across what you want to accomplish for your readers. At the top of our newsletter, we have our motto, "Equipping Followers of Christ." This is the goal of our library and our newsletter. It helps us determine what we write about, what we purchase and how we educate our church families. 

      • Thank you. I do not have a MAC, but I will check in Word and see what they have. 


        • If you are working with Word then PUBLISHER might be an option for you. I  used that for years and it was MUCH easier to use and create with over my MAC. 

      • I KNEW you could answer this much better than I could! Thanks!

  • Bob Haskins, your one-page newsletters are AWESOME. What a great way to give bite-size options to your church family. Do you have a particular template that you used for this? I would be interested in doing something similar as it would be a way to do some variety. 

    • Thank you, Bob. I do the layout for the newsletter that Debbie Dehart has been sharing. I like pages, but your clipart and layout are definitely refreshing, and I always like to see new ideas. Thank you for sharing.  Where did you find your fonts and clipart? I use right now and will need to look up artistry that fits the look you went for as it is fun and eye-catching. 

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