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Gift Money

I have been given $100,00 in honor of my library helper. I'm looking for suggestions for nice current books or other material that I could buy in his honor. He is a Sunday School teacher, so Bible study materials would be good, but I don't want to bu

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Book Covers

I have a quick nuts and bolts question. I am about to buy some book covers, for hardbacks, and I am wondering how many of you buy the individual covers and how many buy the 8 or 9 or 12 inch rolls. The advantage to the individual covers, of course is

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preschool storytime

I have decided to have a preschool story time in the library once a week for five weeks in the summer.  Now, I have to come up with a plan!  I know I should have a plan first before advertising the story time but it's too late now.  Actually the news

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Mops Program

In about a week, I will be giving a talk to the Mops about the church library.

Do I bring a cart down with a sample of what we have to offer in the library?

I will be passing out bookmarks with our hours and website on it.

Any suggestions will be gre

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