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Hi, I Have Started To Work On A Church Library Website To Help With Promotion.  I Am Starting To Run Out Of Ideas.  Please Reply With Thoughts On The Website ( CLICK HERE  :  ) And Other Promotion Ideas.  Please Note That I Am Not A Professional Librarian And That I Can Only Be There On School Holidays And During Summer Because Of School.    



The Website Is Under Construction So It Is Password Protected.  It May Be Like This For A While.



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  • Your webpage is password protected, so of course most of us can not get in.  A website for your library is an excellent idea.  I will be using a page on our church website.

  • I couldn't get in to see it.

  • Hi, Tyler,

    Congratulations on starting a library website. Your pages look bright, colorful, and inviting. Here are some thoughts about what many church library websites usually include:

    • Your library mission statement - what is the purpose of your library? (Lots of info on this network about how to write one if you don't have one yet)
    • A description of what kinds of things people can borrow - Reference books? Bibles? Church history documents? Books for kids? Christian fiction? Nonfiction? DVDs? - Keep it simple.
    • Your checkout policy - How many items can I check out at one time? How long can I keep them? Do I have to be a member?
    • Donation policy - I see you are asking people to donate items. Will you take anything and everything? (You may end up with a lot of encyclopedias and National Geographics, and that's fine if you're goal is to provide a broad range of reading material.) Tell people what kinds of donations you need most. Will you send a thank you note to everyone who donates? (If so, donors need to identify themselves.)

    These are just a few ideas off the top of my head.

    Best to you,


    I see you are asking people to make donations. What kind of item

    • Thanks Kathy,

      I Will Get To Work On Getting This Info On Our Website.

      Thanks Again,


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