• We have made two main divisions in this age group: fiction and nonfiction.  Within the nonfiction, they are catalogued just like the adult books, but with a C before the number.  The fiction is divided and color coded into subcategories: Christian ethics, general stories, animal stories, Christmas/Bible stories, early readers, colors/numbers/alphabet, and people/places/things.  Within each subcategory, they are in order alphabetically by the author's last name.  It works for us!

  • We have a children's corner of the library where we have all the lower shelves designed for the 0-2 crowd.  The books are in alphabetical order by the author other than a select set of groupings.  For example, easy readers are color-coded by reading level with a dot on the spine.  Board books are on the bottom of a small shelf and are not in any order as toddlers typically just start pulling them because they are their size and in their reach. Occasionally seasonal ones are in a basket next to the shelf for easy selection but still at floor level.  Arch Books are together on a shelf and we label them in our reading programs for ease of notice and selection.  We have two cardboard shelving displays (because they were inexpensive) that sit on the top of the half-bookcase units with new books displayed as well as a couple of empty shelves that have displays of eye-catching books.   We used to focus on the children's area on the last page of our newsletter but have found that the parents really just come in and look, so displaying and making the area easy to use appears to be more helpful. 

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