You will find several websites linked in the replies to Morlee Maynard's post. Adding your links by using replies is easier than setting up a new post by using the red button. Note that the red button does not appear when you have a post open. When you click on a tab you will find the red button. When you open a post already there, you will not find the red button.

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  • When I click on the red "here" in your post above I get a blank page with the words : "We’re sorry – you are not allowed to see the page you are looking for." I am logged in at the time. It happens both on my mobile phone and on my desktop. Does anyone else have this problem?

    Also, there is still no plus sign on this page for me. There is no plus sign on my mobile phone or my desktop. I have zoomed out to make the page appear small, as Morlee suggested. Does anyone else have trouble seeing a red plus button on this page ... ? I think the fact that no one else has posted to this page except Morlee might be indicative of there being a problem for others.

    I wish I could share a screenshot here, showing what I see on my own screen, so that others could compare it to theirs ...

    I am sorry if my problems are bothersome to others. I would like to contribute to this website. I have been very busy at our church/school library and would like to share. But so far I've only found the mechanics of this website to be problematic.
    • So what I tried here did not work. Let me check with other members as you suggest here. I will talk with a NING tech person to have them look in to why you are not finding the red button on your account. Thanks for working with me on these problems. Morlee
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