We've had AutoLibrarian for a number of years...without any kind of support, even when we were paying for it.  So now I'm looking to upgrade and am pretty interested in going with Atriuum Express by BookSystems.  We have over 3000 items and about 300 patron families.

Comments, both pro and con please!

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  • We've had BookSys for several years, coming from AutoLibrarian too. Conversion was quite easy and most things rolled over with very little cleanup. I like the ability to use BookSys at home as well as in the library. We have over 4000 items.

    • Forgot to say we have Atrium.

  • Hi Deborah,

    We have had Booksystems software for over 10 years. In fact we purchased their nsoftware when the company name was Master Library System. Through the years their service has been magnificent. When we needed help, they were always available. We do not have Atrium, but I am sure that BookSystems has developed this system just as carefully as it did Concourse, the system we use.

    I endorse them and their products with no hesitation.

    Anyse Myers
    FBC Lilburn
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