• We have a Reading Club here at Bethlehem East Baptist Church in Kent, AL. Did not get books, etc, to learn what to do, just did what made sense for our community. We met Wednesdays last summer, a total of 9 meetings with a total of 19 kids participating. At their request, we had a Christmas Special Meeting during Christmas break.
    • Good to hear from you Andrea. I should have given more detail on my inquiry. Actually, I was interested in finding out if anyone has adult reading clubs/groups.

      We started one about 4 or 5 years ago and have around 10 ladies who participate. This is a good number as maximum and usually not every one can attend each time. Small groups make it easy for everyone to feel comfortable to participate in the discussion.

      I find myself scrambling to find books in advance, order them and have them ready for each monthly meeting. We meet at the church library with light refreshments. I was really hoping someone could recommend some good reads to us in the fiction category.

      Would love to hear your recommendations. Thanks!
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