Children’s story hour

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We just started a story hour on Thursday am for kids and parents who come to a playgroup at our church.  The playgroup starts at 10 am and I do storyhour at from 11-11:30 in the library.  This is been a big sucess and families who attended are planning to invite other families.  I read 3 books to the kids then we have an activity that goes with the theme.  This week we did the theme of Fish and fishing - I read the story of Jonah, The Goldfish on Vacation by Sally-Lloyd Jones and A different Pond by Bao Phi.  We then had an ocean coloring page and a container of water with dollar store fishing rods and plastic fish (I recommend this activity outdoors though).  The younger kids enjoyed searching for plastic fish and shells in the bottom of the container.   


Has anyone done a storyhour before?  What advice would you give?

how do you engage a wide range of kids ages 2 to 8?  

Themes and activities you've done? 


Since this is new for us we would love to hear from those who have done/doing this- advice, suggestions, etc.


Thank you,


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  • My wife, JoAnn Lakin Jackson has just had her children's book published. The Adventures of an Irish Wolfhound and Leprechauns. It is an interesting story about a wolfhound doing good things. She told this story to her school's special assembly along with her wolfhound Tynan. Wolfhounds were a special treat for her kindergarten class when she brought them with her to class. After retirement they asked her to tell the story to an assembly, and in 2010 she posed with one of the dogs by invitation for the school's annual photo. It's a wonderful story, and would be a memorable one if you could have an actual Irish Wolfhound in attendance.
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