• Could you please state those 10 fiction authors?  I am very interested in that.  Thank you so much, Pam.

          • Yes, here are the fiction authors we recommended last year:

            Francine Rivers; Bodie & Brock Thoene; Lynn Austin; Elizabeth Musser; Elizabeth Younts; Cynthia Ruchti; Gilbert Morris; Chuck Black; Robin Hardy; Sharon Garlough Brown.

            Randy Alcorn; Lori Wick; Angela Hunt; Randy Singer; James Rubart; T. Bunn Davis; Priscilla Shirer; Stephen Lawhead; Christa Kinde; Karen Kingsbury.

            Michèle Phoenix; Patricia St. John; Lisa Bergren; Ted Dekker; Elizabeth Goudge; Dandi Mackall; Dee Henderson; Michael Phillips; Mel Starr; Rachel Hauck.

            Connilyn Cossette; Tessa Afsha; Susan Meissner; Lisa Wingate; Liz Tolsma; Jocelyn Green; Terri Todd; Craig Marshall.

            In our Adult Reading Challenge for this winter, we have specified a few more authors:

            Cathy Gohlke; Janice Cantore; Robert Whitlow; Tim Downs; Andrew Klavan; Tim Shoemaker; Robin Jones Gunn; Krista McGee.


  • Probably around the end of the month, our library will be moving to a new location.   Our parish has been constructing an addition since before the pandemic started and it's almost finished.   The library has a room in that addition.  It will be smaller than the room it's in now, but will be dedicated to the library, instead of also being used as a classroom, meaning we can have free standing shelving in the middle of the room for the first time!  Once the move is complete, we'll have an open house (it will be further from the sanctuary than it is now, unfortunately, so we'll need to be sure people know it is there).

    Anyse, can you tell us more about Booksystems?   Cost?  How it works?  Etc.?   Our inventory is on LibraryThing but I don't think anyone uses it to see what we own.  We just have the basic membership, with unlimited books, etc.

    Gail Sohns

    St. Gabriel's Catholic Church

    Colorado Springs, CO

    • We have LibraryThing as well and I love it.  We had some people who would access it to find out what we have, but we recognized that it isn't user-friendly for non-librarians.  So this past year we bit the bullet and got TinyCat.  I think it is totally worth the money.  We set up a chromebook on a lovely stand built by a church member, so anyone can access the catalog themselves.  Given that lots of people weren't coming to church on Sunday because of Covid, we also made the link available on our facebook page and via email and in our monthly newsletters, and we know people have been looking things up at home and then requesting them from us.  If you're not familiar with it, I'd encourage you to find it on the LibraryThing website!

  • We are very excited! With the issues of quarantine associated with the pandemic, we asked leadership if we could update our library program so we could offer an online catalog. The request has been approved!! We are currently working in our library for the first time since last March. We will be sending a copy of our current inventory to Booksystems and will be training our workers on Atrium in the next two months. Our goal is to be online before March 1st. It's a big step for us since our worship has varied between virtual and social distanced - the entire time.  Keep us in your prayers. We will be training at home and only coming to the library individually until the quarantine/virtual rules are lifted. Our members will be excited to have access to library materials by request. Items will be pulled and left for pickup. 

    Any suggestions to help make this transition go smoothly will be greatly appreciated. 

    Anyse Myers

    Lilburn FBC


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