One of our church members asked me last week if we have this book in our library, and we do not. I know it has received "5-star" reviews at CBD, but I am wondering about the occasional negative comments related to "works" salvation. I would appreciate reviews from my fellow church librarians.

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  • Thank you for your reply. I will take to heart your suggestion of asking the pastor to read and review. Thank you, also, for the anecdote about the woman who was "touched" by the Holy Spirit's presence.
  • There are numerous reviews on internet for this book. I have just finished reading two of them and I was duly impressed that this is a book I would definitely want to read and have available to those who are interested in reading it. This book is from a pastor who feels passionately about the church, enough to write a book about it. As we Southern Baptists have been emphasizing so long now, this book is speaking to the need for Christians to be regenerated and born again of the Holy Spirit. Now that is the reason behind the title, Crazy Love. I recall a story from my WV heritage and it was being noised abroad that one of the neighborhood women had lost her mind. The more it was talked, the wilder the tales became until someone told the pastor that he ought to go and see about it, evidently the man should have her committed. The next Sunday when he stood to preach he said, "I want to report on my visit to our sister Jones..So many of you are concerned about her mental condition. I wish to say that I had a wonderful visit. I found Sister Jones studying the Bible, and we had a lively discussion on the passage she was studying. She has been absent from church recently for reasons we can all understand--a new baby. It seems that the post-partum insanity of Sister Jones that you are worried about is that she has been overwhelmed by the power ofJesus, through the Holy Spirit! I could only pray that all of us should be "touched" in the same manner." So, this book seems to target lukewarm Christianity. No doubt there will be varying opinions from different viewpoints of those who read the book, but we need not be threatened by a book that produces comment. Have you thought about giving a copy to the pastor and asking him for a review?
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