I have not purchased any ebooks for our library.  Our technology/media director would like for me to post sites that have only Christian titles.  I'm not sure if such as site exists.  I believe limiting searches to Christian fiction on sites like Book Bub, would keep them from havingundesirable books come up in their searching.

   Anyway, please tell me if you purchase ebooks, and if so, how do you elect what you add to your collection.

   Your thoughts and solutions are very welcome.


Cathy Smith

Broadmoor Baptist Church Library

Shreveport, LA.

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  • Our library has eBooks thru Overdrive. We have about 1700 books. We pick the books we want to buy so there are no content problems. The books automatically return themselves after the time period you set. Overdrive carries all the books from most of the Christian publishers. I would be glad to talk to anyone about how it all works and costs. You may call me at (901) 347-5260. Paul Adams
  •  Especially during this "shelter in place" time, our ebooks usage has gone from about 7 ebook checkouts a day to 20 checkouts a day - in other words, we have about 200 happy readers so far this month.  There is a great article right here in NING.  Just go to the section "Articles of Interest" and click on "Questions about Digital Media" by Glenn McEowen from Fort Worth, Texas.  Several church in Texas have had ebooks for almost 8 years with great success.

  • I'm Librarian at Lighthouse Fellowship Baptist Church in Ontario Canada. I'm exploring option of ebooks for our library especially since with the pandemic would give option for congregation to still read wholesome material. I am very green about this. Does anyone have e-book systemf? Our library is very small only about 2500 resources. Have no idea where to even start to understand if it is an option or not and how you would go about offering such a service? Any help would be appreciated. Do you buy the service on behalf of the church? What system? How are they signed out and returned? How are they cataloged as being part of the church library.? As you can see I'm totally new to an e-book lending process. Kindly Cheryl Subject, Lighthouse Fellowship Baptist Church, Kincardine, On Canada

    • Cheryl, I also have the exact same questions from Sarnia, Ontario.
      • Even though I am now retired I would be glad to talk to anyone about eBooks in the church library and how we handle all the questions asked above. You can call me now at (901) 283-1714.
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