• I am an Episcopalian.  My choices may not be of help to others and I apologize for that.


    1)  Bible

    2)  Book of Common Prayer, 1979

    3)  Hymnal, 1982

    4)  Commentary on the New American Prayerbook by Marion Hatchet

    5)  Sanctifying Space and Time by Marion Hatchett

    6)  A Guide to The New Church's Teaching Series By Linda L. Grenz

    7)  The Anglican Vision (Vol. 1) By James E. Griffiss 

    8)  Opening the Bible, (Vol. 2) By Roger Ferlo

    9)  Engaging the Word, (Vol. 3) By Michael Johnston

    10)  The Practice of Prayer, (Vol. 4) By Margaret Guenther

    11)  Living With History, (Vol. 5) By Fredrica Harris Thompsett 

    12)  Early Christian Traditions, (Vol. 6) By Rebecca Lyman

    13)  Opening the Prayer Book, (Vol. 7)  By Jeffrey Lee

    14)  Mysteries of Faith, (Vol 8)  Mark McIntosh

    15)  Ethics after Easter, (Vol 9) by Stephen Holmgren

    16) Christian Social Witness (Vol. 10) By Harold T. Lewis

    17) Horizons of Mission (Vol. 11) by Titus Leonard Presler

    18) A Theology of Worship (Vol. 12) by Louis Weil

    19) Mere Christianity by C.S. Lewis

    20) Cost of Discipleship by Dietrich Bonhoeffer

    21) Worship by Evelyn Underhill

    22) RB 1980: The Rule of St. Benedict (author) Benedict (editors: Timothy Fry, Timothy Horner and Imogene Baker

    23) The Spirituality of the New Testament and the Fathers by Louis Bouyer

    24) The Spirituality of the Middle Ageds by Jean Leclerq;Francois Vandenbroucke and Lousi Bouyer

    25)  Orthodox Spirituality & Protestant and Anglican Spirituality by Louis Bouyer

    • Sister Gloriamarie,


      Thanks for sharing. It's good to have a variety of perspectives. We learn from each other.

  • I would like to make a few suggestions for the top 25 books in the church library. I would stick with C.S. Lewis and J.R.R. Tolken's books; any books by James Dobson, and his son Ryan Dobson has written several that will appeal to the teens and young adults; Joyce Meyer, Beth Moore, Elizabeth George, and Max Lucado's books all seem popular.

    For a more classical reading list you may want to read over the suggested book club reading list composed by Dr. de Rosset published by Moody on Midday Connections on the open forum's air date of Dec. 31, 2009 ( I found it of interest.

    When it comes to adult fiction Francine Rivers, Karen Kingsbury and Beverly Lewis appear at the top of the list. Having some of these in CD format has helped.

    Hope this is of some help. Merry Christmas!

  • I will try and post more later but Good to Great in God's Eyes by Chip Ingram is on my personal top ten.  One of our best Sunday School teachers, who also teaches Bible at the Community College, called it an excellent book, too.  I was a bit intimidated when he asked for a recommendation that day so felt quite happy when he gave me his review of approval.

  • If you're asking because you're starting a library, why not check with your pastor(s)?  What's on their book shelf?  What are they wishing their congregation members would read?  It will vary with the needs of the congregation.  That being said, here are some suggestions:


    Strong's Concordance

    A good Bible handbook

    Walk thru the Bible

    financial management books

    parenting books (Focus on the Family, Dr. Dobson's books)

    bible commentaries

    any books that your pastor has written



    Hope this helps.


  • There are so many great books from the past that NEED to be on the shelves, such as Prayer by E.M. Bounds. Unfortunately the books that have been on the shelves for a while are not the books that are checked out often. In our library the New books are what are circulated first. The books that are circulating now are: Crazy Love;Overwhelmed by a relentless God by Francis Chan, The coming Economic Armageddon by Dr. David Jeremiah, and Radical : taking back your faith from the American dream by David Platt. Marty Woodall, Shoal Creek Baptist, Deatsville, Al.

  • I am not in the library at this time so can't give exact titles. First on my list is Bible reference books, the kind most people don't have in their homes because of cost and perhaps space. These are essential for teachers in the Church and serious students of the Bible. Next comes Christian Fiction for ladies of all ages, teens through senior adults.
    Get these in large print whenever possible. These definitely got my circulation statistics up in a hurry.
    Yours in Christ, Claudia Machen McBride
    • I'd add:

      Mortenson's "Three cups of tea" -- although not overtly Christian, it is an excellent look at social justice that can change the world, and something I believe God is pulling for!

      "Is that story true?" by Laura Alary -- a book for all ages, to remind us that there is truth and there is truth.

      "An altar in the world", by Barbara Brown Taylor -- excellent book for spiritual growth.

      "A new day", by Don Bolognese -- long out of print, but well worth hunting for.  The Nativity story told in a modern setting.  While it's a picture book, our Youth group raved about it -- a 13 year old boy thought it was awesome, for example!

      books by Marcus Borg, eg. "Reading the Bible for the first time", "Meeting Jesus again for the first time", "The first Christmas" or "The last week".  While you may not always agree with him, he writes well, and he makes you think.


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