• Thanks, Jane for your comments.  We had not checked out any VHS tapes for a while and decided to get rid of all of them.  The extra space they used has been wonderful for expansion of other media.  There are also lots of crafty things you can do with the tapes which aren't suitable for Hodges Ministry.

    And, Paul, you seem to have the answer with your VCR recorders!  You have lots of great ideas as well as a great library!  AND there are times that I wish I had a typewriter!

    • I went to the Edwin Hodges web site and learned they are merging with Love Packages. Then I went to the Love Packages web site and they are no longer taking VHS tapes. Bad news!

      • Jane, I talked with someone at Edwin Hodges Ministry this afternoon.  Since Brother Hodges is in very poor health is the reason for the merger with Love Passages.  It has not yet been completed even though Love Passages will also have a collection place in Decatur.  Hodges Ministry is sending me a list of the items they still accept.  They will no longer accept VHS tapes except of the Jesus film and I understand that is true also of Love Packages.  Hodges Ministry will continue to accept items until the merger is completed.

        I also heard today that thrift stores will accept VHS tapes but I'm not sure of any arrangements.

  • My struggle is not what to do with the old VHS tapes but how to replace them. Many of them are still relevant and would be used if on DVD. It is too costly to replace all of them immediately so should we dispose of them anyway?  Eventually we will buy the ones available on DVD but in the meantime we have secured some old VCR's that are still working and when someone wants something that is only on VHS we check out a VCR to them. So for now we are hanging on to some of the old technology. Don't tell anyone but we still use typewriters for some functions.  

  • Jane, you are correct--it's time to weed those VHS tapes!  When they are not used anymore and we need the space for newer media it is time to move on.   We have always given our VHS tapes to a ministry that sends them to other countries because they are behind in technology.  The one close to us in located near Decatur, AL and it is the Edwin Hodges Ministry.  You can get more information from their website.

    Suggestion: Come to the North Alabama Church Library conference at Central Baptist Church in Decatur on November 4th and you could bring your tapes then.  We would love to have you attend.  There is no cost for this conference and we've had more than one hundred participants for the past several years.

    • Thank you, Eva Nell, for your response. Good suggestion! I am familiar with the Edwin Hodges Ministry. We save our Sunday School literature each quarter for this ministry. A representative comes to our church to pick it up, so it will work out well to have them pick up the tapes.

      I have attended the conference at Central in the past, so I know it is worthwhile.  I will keep it in mind. You have a wonderful Church Library Ministry at Central!

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