• Today was the first day of our VBS. Did that happen in your church too? Did people use the library today?

    I was surprised by how may people dropped in during the morning. Three of our teens came in during their break. First time for 2 of them. I got a lot done in the library in the gap times when all the groups were busy. One mother stopped by to explain why their checked out books will be after the due date. That was my first in person connection with her becuase she uses our self-checkout during the week. I can't wait to see what happens tomorrow! The leaders walk by the Enrichment Center on the way to their refreshments. And all the kids walk by in their groups going to some of their rooms. Busy all morning!

    How about you?


  • Last Wednesday our preschool minister shared that she will be having a reading time with all the preschoolers during each morning of VBS. So I offered to put a list of CE books together for her to consider. She gave me the leaders booklets for preschoolers which gave me the focus for each day. I was surprised to find so many books related to each day. As I did that I also made a list of books related to the VBS theme featuring beaches. We only had one so I purchased 3 new books which will be used in our display. And I made a list of books we have that we will feature with parents to use at home with kids. Rachel, our preschool minister is going to work with me on making parents aware of these books. 

    BTW, I came up with these lists by making a Booksystems Atriuum report that gave me all the CE books in our collection. Turns out we have 365 books. Yes, it took me awhile to go through the list. I set up a list of the selected books by day (M-F). Pasted a picture of each cover with the call number. printed the list. I used the list to pull all the books yesterday morning during my time in the Enrichment Center. The list for each day was in call number order. I'll email Rachel today to tell her where left the 6 stacks of books. I'm anticipating smiles on her face!

    Not only did I get the VBS related titles, I also discovered books that should not be in our collection. I'll remove those while I hang out in the library during VBS mornings. 

    • I did pretty much the same thing but I copied some of the book covers in color and put them on the inside of the toilet stalls in all of the church restrooms. 
      all of the hallways are highly decorated with beachy and underwater scenes throughout the building. So I decorated the library bulletin board as well.


  • As the sole librarian, I am not planning anything special since the resources provided to the students and their parents have very good material content in them.  Certainly those attending may access the library if they have time; however, they are kept busy all morning!  I will be working behind the scenes e.g. setting-up, tearing-down, addressing any maintenance problems that may arise, serving as a "go-fer" for supplies or food, etc.   

  • This year I have stayed out of the way of our preschool and children's ministers as they have huge plans and lots of preparations. I will be in the Enrichment Center each morning with smiles on my face as the children walk back and forth by the Enrichment Center between the various locations of their activities. Great time to visit with teachers as they drop by during their breaks to work on our puzzle. I am also purchasing books for children that relate to the Beach theme as well as the Bible stories and Bible truths. Our June Enrichment Center email will communicate with parents that we have new books they can use to extend the VBS experience during the summer.

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