• Demco is where I get mine. 800-356-1200 or Great "stuff" would not be without it.

    Rita Kirkland
  • Jame, both tri-tix glue and Un-du can be purchased at Brodart. Just remember that you cannot follow the directions on the tri-tix bottle when using it for bulletin boards, posters, etc. It only takes a tiny bit of it to adhere to anything. If you follow their directions you could pull the paint off the wall! Another product you might consider for adhering posters, etc. is painter's tape. It leaves nothing on the walls when removing objects.
    Good luck. Eva Nell Hunter
  • Brodart Supplies and Furnishings has Tri-Tix Cream Rubber Glue
    In searching the internet, I got the impression that this product is being discontinued.

    The Un-Du Sticker Remover and others are availtable at Amazon
    (www. and search on Adhesive Remover)
    and other places. Check library supply houses, scrapbook and craft stores, and office supply houses. There are several brands available. I've used another brand that worked fine.
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