Tracking Rentals from Children's Church Room

We are in the process of possibly moving our children's books and videos out of the library and into our Children's church room to make them more accessible for the children and the parents. Does anyone have any suggestions on how I might best track the books that are rented. I'm concerned it will turn into a grab & go and I will not be able to track who has rented what. I am the only library "staff" in our church. Any suggestions would be welcome.

Thanks, Diane

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  • We have an "Open" Library located in our Welcome Center and Youth Welcome Center. These 2 areas have the most traffic.  We've setup 2 small book cases in the Welcome Center and one bookcase in the youth area.  On each book case is a sign that explains a simple 3 step way to checkout a book. Even though we are automated, we are still using cards/pockets.  A small notecard box is located on each shelf with a pencil so the books are signed out and cards left, just as if they were in the library.  The person signs the card, places it in the box, and returns the book to the library or on the bottom shelf of the book case.  Library staff checks the boxes and take the cards to place in the library's main checkout area and pick up any books placed on the bottom shelf.  Yes, there is always the worry books will walk off but the same worry is there if they have left the card and not returned the book.  We have noticed a significant increase in circulation, thanks to this "experiment"!  We noticed many more requesting titles thanks to reading a variety of these authors specially placed on these shelves. We have also attractively displayed books on end tables and around the Welcome Center (adult) and see many checked out.  Wish you the best!!

  • I think it is an excellent idea to make those items available to where the children are but without someone there to check items out I believe you are right in that it would be a grab and go and often a never seen again scenario. Maybe keep the items in the library and print out flyers to be distributed in the Childen's church room advertising what you have available in the library. Hopefully that  would bring them over to the library.

  • Sorry that this is not an answer to your question.

    My curiosity: Do you rent videos?  If so, what do you charge?

    Also, it might help if you would let us know how your circulation is done--manual or automated by computer.

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