I was going to recommend The Church Librarians Handbook in a presentation I am doing on "Why Church Libraries?"  When I went to get the link on Amazon, a new copy of the paperback is $87.80! Does anyone know where to get it cheaper?  That seems like a mistake.  There are some used ones for around $25, but still.... 

Are there any other books y'all would recommend for a new library starting up?

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  • The two Lifeway books are available on Lifeway.com. Both are now in pdf format so that you can download and put in a binder for ease of use or spiral binding at an office store. The print edition was terrific to have but pdf is better than nothing. 

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    A Classification System for Church Libraries

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    I am thinking Susan is asking about another book that is titled The Church Library Handbook. It was published by Baker? I found it on Thriftbooks. Click here. Some of you will know more about this handbook than I do.


    • Yes.  Sorry!  However, the reason it jumbled in my mind is because I was thinking of your classification book, which is listed for $89.90!




      • The print edition is out of print hence the crazy price on Amazon. The pdf is linked in my reply above for only $8.99. 

      • I want to quickly pipe in here & say "YAY!"

        This book is awesome. We have a couple books in print. I refer to this book quite frequently & so I highly recommend it in any form.  


  • I remembered Morlee's book on the Classification System for Church Libraries and that one is listed on Amazon for $90.00

    Morlee Maynard 

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