Survey Questions

Mary Mardiguian, Co-Librarian, Faith Presbyterian Church, Colorado sent the following questions:

Have you used surveys with your congregations?  What have been the value of the surveys?  What content was included in the surveys?  Would you be able to share these surveys with me?


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  • I have never used a survey with the congregation for the library.  I usually try to get to know most of the most faithful patrons a little at a time to find out their tastes.  It has not only helped me get to know them as individuals but also to discover their reading styles. Sometimes they surprise me!

  • We used this form with our congregation, although we didn't get a great response. Maybe it will for you.Library Questionnaire new.docx

    I'm not sure why it said to leave them in their Sunday School class. I thought we included the survey as an insert in our bulletin. Maybe there was an updated one I didn't find. Sorry.
    • I did one several years ago mainly concerning electronic books. Over 300 distributed and less than 50 returned with no consensus on anything. Would never do another one.

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