• Oh, adapting the VBS materials is a FABULOUS idea! :)

  • Hi Mary,

    For several years I wracked my brain to find a "cleaver idea" for our children's summer reading club theme. Then I realized I had the perfect answer right there in the church. The Vacation Bible School planners have a very interesting and novel theme ready-made for them each year. So, I started adopting the same theme for the reading club. Our club is usually around the same time as VBS so it works out really well.

    Marion Boan

  • Hi Mary, I tried to respond, but evidently didn't do it right, so here goes again. I have used Vacation Bible School themes as a spring board for reading programs. My church used kits from Gospel Light: for an Adventure Park Theme I went for "Ticket to Ride" with movie tickets the prize; for a Jungle theme I used "Go Bananas for Books, with lots of monkeys hanging around; for a Tropical Island theme I used a Treasure Chest of Books; a rodeo theme brought a "Reading Roundup." Sometimes VBS kits come with graphics that cam be used for bulletin board ideas and/or forms for tracking reading by the readers

  • We are working on a theme "God the Builder".  It is very loosely built on Bob the Builder.  

  • UPSTART is a very useful website to use.  I generally use them each year.  I have a year-round program and this year I selected "Ice Cream for BOOK! with an ice cream cone as the base and when kids read 10 books, they add a scoop of ice cream to the mounting cone!  I hope to get some coupons from McDonalds for ice cream as a nice reward for the summer.  You can find Upstart on line with a user friendly website. 

  • Why not choose a theme that is available at Upsmith/Highstart? they have some pretty cheap promo materials (especially the stuff they have had around for awhile).

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