Summer 2024 Plans?

What are your plans for this summer to engage children, youth, and/or adults in using the library collection? We have LOTS of summer idea posts on the CLN so search for those posts using key words like “summer plans” or “summer reading”.

Bob Haskins posted their plans on page 2 of our brochure discussion. Maybe we can twist his arm to post the front side of the brochure here.

 You will find LOTS of ideas from our past CLN posts by searching the word "summer" in the above search field.



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  • Our summer reading challenge kicks off this Sunday (been advertising heavily). The children's pastor created the 1st-5th grade challenge:

    - read a book on his list (1-2 list, 3-5 list)

    - complete an activity from his list (like design a bookmark, fill out his worksheet, illustrate a scene)

    - turn in the activity to spin the prize wheel. Max one/ week. Prizes -toy box choice, -book from him, -card to McDonald's or similar


    We in the library added on for all other ages:

    - Read anything in the library. Get a raffle ticket when done. Max one ticket per week.

    -For a 2nd ticket per week, fill out a rate/review slip for the book, to help others find good reads 

    - Raffle at the end for 5 gift cards to church bookstore or cafe.

    - movies, audiobooks, audio teachings count too.

    - reading aloud or being read to counts too.

    These both run 9 weeks. We'll display the activities on a library bulletin board, and some in Children's Ministry. We'll tape the review slips to the shelf by each item.

    (typed on my phone, sorry!)

  • Our church is running a summer reading club.  I made bingo-like sheets on cardstock for 2 different cards. These included lots of different topics, books about God, book by x author, book with red on the cover, book about summer, memory verse, chapters of Bible,etc.2024 Summer Reading Club cards 1.xlsx; 2024 Summer Reading Club cards 2.xlsx  This is open to the entire church.  It will run from June 16 - Aug 18; We are having a celebration of reading on Aug. 24th.  We just wanted to focus on getting more folks in the library.
  • The past few years we have tried to match our summer reading theme with whatever the children's ministry theme is for the summer.  This year it is a Mystery theme. We plan on featuring mystery genre books, having weekly puzzles to solve and are even working on a scavenger hunt. Would love to hear ideas for a catchy theme title that includes "mystery" in it.  

  •  In lieu of VBS this year (because we could not get enough adult volunteers) we are doing a family-lead project called Road Trip, Journey with Jesus. As a result, our library is following the same general theme for summer reading.

  • Hi Morlee,

    Here is the front of the kids version which will have the backer (uploaded again here) that lists the program guidelines, though all of this has yet to be approved. Not sure if a summer reading program will appeal to the 60 or so kids at our church (they've never had one), but I can let you know later.

    Reading Adventure handout-KIDS.pdf

    Reading Adventure handout Backer.pdf
  • Our reading program this year is a brand-new one called Passport to Reading.  I created booklets for each of four age groups (preK-gr. 1; gr. 1-3; gr. 3-6; teen/adult).  Each passport has 16 assignments in it (things like genres but also, for example, a book by an author who is new to you; a book from the bottom shelf of a bookcase; a book with a mostly blue cover; a book by an author whose last name begins with A-K; etc etc).  They can complete four pages per week and come back for a small prize; we also have them track the # of pages they read and at the end we give prizes to the top three in each age range.  They may complete two passports over the six weeks of the program (which the picture book crowd and some of the older kids will absolutely accomplish).

    • Filing this away for next year! Great idea!

    • I love this!


      • I love this for our program!  Saving for next year!  Great job!

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