• We are in the process of selling our church property in order to move to a larger space. I specifically requested space for the library in the new building. In order to tidy up, we have divided uncataloged books among the church librarians and are storing them in our homes. I need to talk to our tech people to see if we can enter new catalog entries online instead of through the dedicated computer in the church library space. (Right now our "dedicated" library space is shelving that shares a room with the church photocopier, but at least we have a space.)

  • I'm in the process of  creating a  new summer reading program (for kids).  We typically begin sign-ups in late May, and run the program for seven weeks, roughly just after school lets out until the first or second week of August.

    This year's program is called All About Books! and for each of three age groups I'm creating a booklet, with a different type or genre of book on each page along with an assignment.  The assignments vary according to age of course, but include things like drawing a picture based on the book, answering some questions, writing something about the book, telling someone about it, and the like.

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