Good afternoon everyone,  I do hope that you are well and are enjoying the fall.

We are considering adding e-books to our library, and I need your help.

1. When you began the e-book collection, how did you determine the mix of that initial order and for the first year?  By mix, I mean: fiction vs non-fiction, adult vs. children, and within non-fiction (commentaries, Christian living, parenting, etc.).   Does it mirror the holdings or focus on a certain demographic?

2. How much do you duplicate - carry the physical book, audio book and e-book?

3. Considering the news that some authors have removed controversial sections of their e-books, has your review policy/process for e-books changed?

Thank you.



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  • We have just purchased Atriuum for our church library. Martha, you were a great source of information when I contacted you via email. Thank you! Our budget does not support purchasing Overdrive at this time. Is there a list of possible vendors who offer ebooks in a compatible format to be used with Atriuum? Thank you for your help! Elizabeth Starkey
    • You are most welcome. It would be best to contact Atriuum. Yes, OverDrive can be pricey. We are, for the most part, satisfied with them. They do have some issues though.
      • Thank you, Martha. Yes, I did talk with Atriuum and will continue to gather information. Have a blessed week! Elizabeth
  • Would love to talk to anyone interested in eBooks for a church library. Call me at (901) 347-5260 anytime. Working from home right now so call anytime. If I don’t answer leave a message. I’ll call back.
  • I would like to explore whether e-books are feasible for our church library. So could I call you to get more information Thank you Sharon

  • I would love to talk to you about ebooks, too! May I contact you Mr Adams?
    • Would love to talk to you. Just give me a call at (901)347-5261.

  • Martha, I would love to discuss eBooks with you. Contact me at (901) 347-5261 next week.

    Paul Adams

    Bellevue Baptist Church Library

    • Thanks, Paul.  I'll call you later this afternoon.



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