Sabrina J has a question about shelving.

Our church library collection of over 12k items was given away (except for reference material) several years ago so the library would close. We have a new much smaller spot as well. Looking back, we see how the Lord has used that for His purpose! Looking forward, we reopened late February of this year with full support of our pastor and congregation.

We are constantly adding new items, one of which is Bible based group studies that incorporate many parts; ie. The Daniel Plan which is just one of many. How does one shelve these items? All together? I would love to see an array of pictures as to how this is done. Is there a better way? We are open for all suggestions on what is best for our folks. I'm posting an older IG pic so you can have an idea of space. We probably have 30 of these studies with DVDs and 1 workbook to go with it.12438455692?profile=RESIZE_930x

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  • I don't have a lot of these but I put all the materials together as a kit and just shelve it as K and the first three letters of the title (ignoring A, An, or The, of course)


  • We call a book or workbook with any kind of media a kit and we shelve them by Dewey Decimal number.  The call number prefix would be Kit, then the Dewey number, and then first three letters of the author/presenter name.  If you prefer, you could use the first three letters of the title of the book/workbook instead of the author.  For example, if the subject of the materials is Christian Life, we would put: Kit 248.4 Moo.  All the kits are filed together and the Dewey number collocates the topics.  

    I like the idea of hanging bags.  We would still catalog the materials the same, whether on a shelf or in a bag.


    • Thank you !  This very helpful.

  •  We use hanging bags.

  • I think in my library, if we had a collection of this type, I would shelve them together (probably alphabetically by title for ease of finding them). Most users of our library are there for books and interfiling video studies would impede their browsing. Also, putting all studies together makes it easier for groups of individuals interested in a video study to quickly see what's on hand.

    • Thank you !  Your comments reflect our thinking. 😊

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