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Someone donated a sermon series (not from our church) that does not have an ISBN so  I have not had any luck with World Cat.  I looked up sermons and I found two possible ones 264 and 252. The title is Life Together by Jack Graham.

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  • Generally if you don't have the schedules in front of you, you can also find a similar title, or the same one, on the Library of Congress search site.    Often they will have the Dewey number as well as the LC number. When I first saw this question, I thought right away of Fulgum's book. "All I really need to know, I learned in Kindergarten."  It's a collection of sermons/essays given at the Unitarian Church near Seattle when he was there as minister. However, this book was classed as 128. Others it seems are found in 230 (more as Subject,) even though they are announced as "essays."


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  •  Kate, the general rule for books of sermons is to place the book in 252 unless all the sermons are on the same subject. Then they should be placed with the subject such as prayer, Christian life, marriage, etc.  If there is a book with a single sermon, then it should be classified with the subject of the sermon.

    I'm not familiar with the book "Life Together" by Jack Graham, but if it is on marriage, then classify it in 306.81. 

    • Thank you so much.  I think 252 is the correct choice because the sermons cover several different areas.

      Dear Eva Nell, you always help me so much!


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