RightNow Media?

Does your church’s library participate in your church’s subscription to RightNow? My church will relaunch our subscription to this ministry on November 1. Our Enrichment Center has a channel where we can recommend media for families, individuals, and leaders. Needing ideas here!

If you are unfamiliar with RightNow Media, click here.

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  • At this point I'm thinking having the Enrichment Center channel on our FHBC view will meet that need. I'll see how it goes this way then see if there is a need to catalog any of them. There are other projects that need attention now. Thanks for sharing other services.
  • That's a good way to do it. Are you planning to catalog individual videos for ease of searching? Other services that people may be interested in:
    RedeemTV at redeemtv.com, by Christian History Institute and Vision Video. Some free content, more with a donation.
    Answers tv by Answers in Genesis. Monthly and annual subscriptions are available.
    Both are very good.
  • Spent some time last week trying to figure out the best way to feature RNM on our online catalog. The best we could do without changing our other features was to use one of the widgets as Links. It will work for now. Click: https://www.rightnowmedia.org/CustomLibrary/23322 Hope to set up the Enrichment Center Channel this week.
  • Just figured out how to put RightNow Media on our OPAC. I talked with our Associate Pastor of Education Wednesday about sharing our FHBC RightNow Media with you. He has no problem with you subscribing to our account so you can explore it. Click here to go to our OPAC to see how I just added OPAC to our online catalog. On the Community Spotlight and the Links on the Home page you will find the link to our FHBC Rightnow Media login. I'm not thrilled with how it looks but it seems to be the best I can do at this point on OPAC. We are working our the channels right now on our RNM site so you will only find Staff Recommendations. Hopefully, we will have the Enrichment Center Channel working soon.
    After much playing around with OPAC, I came up with using Links and adding it to Community Spotlight. That will be fine. Take a look:


    The Community Spotlight is supposed to loop but if it does not, click on See All. Click on the title FHBC RightNow Media. Click on Website url.

    On the Links on the home page, click on FHBC RightNow Media.
    Forest Hills Baptist Church Enrichment Center
  • A service like RNM is a great way for a church library to build its e-collection. We are considering it and plan to "run" it through the Media Library as a library resource. In investigating how some other churches who have had the service for years managed it, one found that it had to constantly promote it to keep usage up - they constructed a kiosk for it, then found it needed to be staffed. Hmmm. Sounds like a library to me! I would be interested in hearing from you all as to how much of the content fits with your church's core beliefs and how much you block. Also, don't forget redeem.tv.com from Christian History Institute/Vision Video and Answers.tv from Answers in Genesis. Both are streaming services available to individuals.
    • Thank you, Martha Jo! I'm thinking a lot of people in my church will be more interested in videos than books. Sadly. And yes, I see the need to constantly promote here too. Do you have a channel on your church's RNM? Do you have it linked on OPAC?
      • We don't have RMN yet. I'm pushing it as library resource, not a church-wide one as RNM has promoted. I'm not sure if it can be linked on OPAC like OverDrive can be. Have you found that to be true? It would be a help. Yes, people tend to be more interested in videos nowadays, but with the extended lockdown (we're still not open), are people just "zoomed out" and not interested in online as much? Thoughts?
        • You are right, I have not discovered how to handle it like OverDrive since it is a streaming site. I was just going to add it to our Community Spotlight on the OPAC home page. The Book Systems tech guys are working with me on how to get the Community Spotlight to loop so people will see more than one page. I will post a link when I get it set up. Still waiting to get access to set up our channel on our church's RNM site. For my church, having RNM as a church wide resource engages the church staff much better than having it be a resource of the Enrichment Center. I've seen lots of church staff buy in to it that would not happen since I am not on the church staff therefore not in staff meetings. All the set up and maintenance is handled by our Communications Director not me. I would have to fill out communications forms in order to get announcements about RNM. Every church is different in how things are done.
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