I need some suggestions for an older ladies Bible Study group. They meet once a week and have been together for over 18 years. The ladies range in age from 60 to 80. 
Many in the group are turned off from Bible Studies that are DVD or streamed online even when we give plenty of technical support they are just not liking that format. They also want a pure written Bible Study that guides the study without being filled with an  over amount of author's commentary nor do they not want one aimed at new Christians they feel talked down to with those. 
Appreciate any and all suggestions. 
Debbie Cormier
Kernersville, NC. 

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  • Have they tried the New Inductive Study Series or the Lord series from Precept International? The NISS series is available for every book in the Bible, the Lord series are topical studies. Kay Arthur wrote most of the studies.

  • I am working through Seeking Him by Nancy DeMoss Wolgemuth and it is excellent. It is one of those studies set up with a five-day format to work through and then a section for group conversation.  The five days are very manageable though!  The study is about personal revival.  I highly recommend and I think it would be great to go through with a group, especially ladies who have been together for so long.

  • While not specifically for women, I very much enjoyed and appreciated this study on Romans 8.



    Romans 8 Bible Study by Noe Garcia | Lifeway
    Take a journey through Romans 8 in this Bible study for adults from Noe Garcia. Learn more.
  • My sister just published her "Women See Us Soar" Bible Study.  It is simple and yet profound.  no DVD's or online, just an old-fashioned get your Bible and study!


    Her book is on Amazon.  Susan Chamberlain Shipe.

  • I have appreciated in my 'old' age books that impact me on a deeper level. The ones that we have done with good success are by authors such as Elyse Fitzpatrick-- Idols of the Heart; Jen Wilkin--Ten Words to Live By (getting ready to do this one); Mimi Wilson--Holy Habits (about intentional living); Cynthia Heald--The Faithful Way (this one is done with older people in mind since Cynthia is almost 80 at the time of the writing.)Other authors we have loved--Nancy Guthrie and Nancy Demoss Wolgemuth.  Maybe something here will help.   Nancy Demoss Wolgemuth did one called Adorned, and we did that one with older women taking a chapter to lead that reflected most closely her walk. It was one of the most impactful studies we have done as a church.  

    • Girls with Swords - Lisa Bevere and Get Our of Your Head - Jennie Allen. Both are excellent!

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