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I've been cleaning out old cabinets and dusty places.  Came across a 1911 copy of The Great Controversy Between Christ and Satan by E.G. White.  There are copies of this book on ebay that range from 25.00 to 125.00.  The copy that I have is battered but original.


I don't know if this book is worth keeping just because its old.  From the tiny bit of research I've done it was written by a Seventh Day Adventist author and I'm in a Baptist church.  So I wouldn't be keeping it because it is a founding document or anything like that.


Any advice on what to do with this book?  



Sharln Chapman

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  • Ellen G. White is one writer that I would certainly not place in the library.  She and her husband started what became known as the Seventh Day Adventist Church.  They started worship on Saturday instead of Sunday.  Even though she was a very prolific writer and preacher, she held on to many Scriptural truths.  However, several of her beliefs we as Christians do not accept--such as her belief that God would allow people who did not follow Him just to cease to exist instead of believing in hell.   The book you mentioned is one of those books which mentions this.  

    I have tossed several of her books that have been donations.  If it's in good condition you might even try selling it on e-bay or as was suggested, donate it to a Seventh Day Adventist Church.

  • Maybe donate it to a Seventh Day Adventist Church, or why put some apostate material (if it is such) back on the street?

  • Go to and check for prices of copies being offered for sale--being sure the descriptions exactly match the edition you have. See how many copies are on the market and the price range for those in comparable condition. It's doubtful that a battered copy will have much value, but scarcity of a particular edition sometimes makes a difference.  If many copies are available, the market is probably saturated for this edition. When prices vary wildly for copies described as being in the same condition, it's likely that the unrealisticly high prices are there just to see how much the market will bear.

    If you find a book which might have enough value to try selling it, you would then need to decide whether it is worth the time and effort to offer it for sale yourself or arrange (or donate) to another person or agency to handle the sale.

  • I would not have it on the shelf for circulation.  I would probably toss it, unless a church group was having a study on cults and other religions.  It might be a good example of the type of publications that particular group has available.  The Wikipedia description is interesting.

     This is the link:

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