Quarantine and books

Hello. I'm a lttle late joining the discussion. In June,our library received permission to do curbside service. We also offered porch drop off for our at-risk members. The library then offered open hours by appointment. With our church slowly opening back up, we have opened the library one night a week with mask wearing as mandated by the govenor.

Before Covid, we were planning to check with our public schools to see what the reading program would be for the summer, but Covid sidetraced that. We hoped this will increase our traffic. When we talked about starting services in June, the church had sanitizing solution, so we cleaned all surfaces! Then I called our public library to see what they did with returned books. My friend did not know what spray solution they used on the books. But they quarantined their books for a week. So we did the same. Then we lightly sprayed the outside with Lysol (as a precaution) before shelving. 

Our Pastor and family are reading Chrisian missionaries. Since he has mentioned this from the pulpit, we checked our shelves and decided to set up a table in the front foyer with those books and more missionaries! It has been a great success! Our Pastor also mentioned the library for these books. We have had great success with that!




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