• Library Store. They let you charge to your church (so does DEMCO) but we are partial to Library Store. If you are ordering several things, you may find one vendor cheaper than the other on certain items, the second vendor cheaper on others. If your time is worth anything, just pick one vendor and stick with them. Library does offer coupons and has a clearance corner where we've found cheap bookmarks, bookbags, etc. Don't forget to personalize your bookmarks with information about your library--hours, programs, and how to access online, if available. Use regular address labels!
  • I use DEMCO because they have 100% of what I use.  Yes, Highsmith was acquired by DEMCO a few years ago, and offer both products, but DEMCO seems to have the upper hand in availability and quality.  DEMCO is in the Madison WI area, so shipping is not as great for me, but I do combine orders to save money.  Good luck. 

  • I work at a school library, and volunteer (head librarian) for my church library, and generally get all my supplies for both from Demco. I often combine orders to save on shipping.

  • We use Brodart.   My suggestion is to look at websites as Buford suggested; check prices, products, etc. and choose a supplier.  Shipping expense adds too much to an order to purchase different items from different places! 

    You can use the Scotch 845 2" wide tape to cover corners as well as to  tape down the spines of paperbacks. 

    But, some librarians would choose nothing other than Kapco products to cover paperbacks -- that particular product is called Kapco "Easy Cover" -- it has 2 heavy polyester pieces for the covers with a flexible spine, so it makes a "hardback out of a paperback.

    Another choice our team made is to use a self-adhesive high-back pocket with the date due grid on it.  They are more expensive, but you don't have to buy two products and it saves time.  Also don't have to use adhesive for the pockets and date due slips!


    Click on the logos to view web pages.

    But note Highsmith has been acquired by Demco.

    Not sure discount comments apply to small libraries.

    I use The Library Store.

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