• I took an orange quilt spread it on the ground and let the kids choose from several Halloween rhemed books  for 2 hoursI read to 1-4 children the book of their choice Then gave them a coloring book rather than candy  Couple of the mothers said they thought it was great. I had one girl want to read to me and one group of teens who sat down and asked for a story too


  • Five years ago, I came up with the idea of recreating the Wittenberg door.  My daughter Jessica and I then spent a day and a half (because that was all the time we had) actually creating it.  It was so cool and so much work that we have used it every year since then.  My husband got a Martin Luther-monk-type costume; I got a medieval peasant-woman-type costume (I'm his wife, Katarina) and Jessica got something medieval but more high-class than ours.  We make the door by having her husband print out the door graphic she created and we tape that to two 8-ft tables and then set them up on end.  We then made a sort of document for the theses, and then created a whole bunch of appropriately medieval-themed notices/advertisements, seeing as how the church doors functioned as a bulletin board (which was why Luther posted his document there in the first place).  This is what took the day-and-a-half to do...and boy did we have fun!



  • Waller Baptist Church & Grace Christian Academy (school that meets on our campus) worked together on our Fall Fun Fest. This is one of the teachers dressed up as penguin demonstrating a book she read to her students.

  • 10859409484?profile=RESIZE_930xI promoted my church library's Reading Challenge theme "Bee-lieving the Bible" at my church's Trunk or Treat event. The children chose which of the books in my trunk are Bibles.

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