Other Formats Such as DVD

I'm looking for the DVDs that go with a particular Bible Study that a group in our church wants to do.  When your churches buy that sort of material, do you normally keep in cataloged in your library or have another area in the church where they are maintained?  And do you let other Churches check those resources out for use in their congregations?

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  • We put DVD, study guide, book all together in a plastic bag and label as a kit but found they are seldom reused so have been donating them to the library at our Church Association  office where some 60 churches (including us) generally call to see what they have before buying Bible Studies anyway

  • Teri, are  you talking about group study kits?

    In our small library, we do keep group study kits which usually include DVD sets, participant guide, leader guide and sometimes the source book.  We catalog them into our system and so they check out like other library items except we have a 3-month loan period. Most kits have been donated with a few purchased thru church library funds. 

    At this point, these group study kits only are borrowed from within our church. If someone from one of our sister churches (within our denomination) should request to borrow, we would make arrangement to do so. We'd consider other churches. 

    Is that helpful? 

    • Yes.  Very helpful.  Thank you.

      • You're welcome. Maybe someone else can chime in with how they handle group study kits.

        I'm finding that it's better for us to have the group study kit checked out as one unit, and not as individual items. For instance, they borrow the whole kit and not just the DVDs. 

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