• Hi!

       This week is National Library Week, so I decided to jump in with both feet and do an online storytime with my facebook live account.  I begin each day at 1:00, and post to my page after I have finished.  The stories this week have all been about libraries, and how important they are to us!  If you would like a list of these books, please email me at

       Next week, I plan to read from the Broadmoor Baptist Church library (Shreveport, LA) Facebook live.  I plan to read books of inspiration and encouragement to students at this time.  I hope to read live at 1:00, and post when finished. 

       Hopefully, one day we can do book reviews of books available in ebook format, then tell our folks how to access them.  I think this would be very helpful.

       I have not done anything fancy--I have used a few props some days, but mostly, it is my face, holding up the book and sharing, just as I would at a regular storytime.  I thought about taking slides of each page and playing that as I read, but they are ebooks sites WAY BETTER than I for that.  If they want a storytime with a real, "live" person, this is what I will be doing.  Although posting to personal Facebook page, for the last two days, and probably tomorrow as well, the stories have been read in the children's section of the BBC library.  

       Of course, our library is not open, but I am able to go and work up there during regular office hours.  It has been so good to be here!  I have enjoyed coming on Wednesdays, as I am so used to being here then!  Of course, I leave at the end of the day, instead of staying far into the evening for orchestra and to close library at 8:00.

       Hope to hear back with good ideas from many of you!!!!

    Cathy Allen Smith

    Broadmoor Baptist Church Library

  • We started last week offering several online story times throughout the week.  We have also asked some of the ones that work directly with the kids if they would be interested in reading.  They are posted on both our church library resource center and churches Facebook page.  This is a great way to still keep people excited about reading but also let's the kids see faces of those they are familiar with.

  • I love the timing of this -- perfect.  I'm considering doing a live storytime via Zoom.  For security I'll require registration. Thanks so much, Morlee!

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