Our library has a complete set (27 books) of the Guidepost series, "Mysteries of Sparrow Island."  Is anyone familiar with this series, and does anyone have any idea of the appropriate age group for this series?  Seems a little elementary for adults, but I sure don't want to place them in the wrong section of our library.  Thanks so much!

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  • I've read most of them and I'm an adult and loved them.  I think teens might enjoy them also, but we have them located in the "adult" section.  We catalog series that have multiple authors by the series name.  I saw someone else had it as "SPA" for Sparrow.  We did ours under "Mys" for Mysteries.  Either works.  Just keep the series together.

  • We have this series in the church library. They are grouped together under F Spa. Our adult readers love them and so do our youth. We have quite a few Guideposts series so we group them differently to keep them all together. Hope this helps.

  • I haven't read nor am I familiar with this series, but I skimmed over a couple website descriptions and they seem to be geared for adults. It seems like an interesting series though so thank you for drawing my attention to it.

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