• You have to delete the other ones (non-Master) before it will let you delete the one it's attached to.   Delete the other ones and then do the Master, then you can make one of the other ones the Master.   I've had to do that- It's convoluted, but it should work.   I am very careful if I have an older book and get a 2nd copy not to link them.

  • Tis I again. I've tried everyone's suggestions to delete a Master Copy. BTW, we are using Concourse. The area is grayed out and it won't let me delete it.

    So this is what I'm going to do. I will mark the books as lost. It won't take them off our records but if someone is looking for them it will show they are lost.

    This is the only thing that makes sense to me.

    Thanks again for all of your help.


    • If the book is a master copy, checked out, on reserve or has fines it can not be withdrawn.

      Seems like Concourse really wants you to keep those books.

  • Thanks to each and everyone for the helpful suggestions. We are in the process of wedding the library because we are running out of room.

    A quarter of our books are Master Copy's so we have a lot of work ahead of us to do.

    Thanks Again!

    • If you have Concourse, and there are several identical copies linked to the same item, you might generate a report of each item.  From there you can use the "ctrl - click" feature (the little magnifying glass symbol) to go to each record to remove the Master record number.  

      If there are just two records, it probably will be just as quick to go to each record.

  • Eva Nell is correct.   I have learned the hard way that if I have one older copy and one newer copy, I put the newer one as the Master.   It is a pain to not be able to delete the Master  which may be in there first from a newer copy of the same thing.   Maybe I'll try Buford's method.

  • If you indeed are using Concourse, you might need a detailed description.

    1. Display the add/modify pane and enter the bar code for the master item. Display the Card view.

    2. Scroll down (if needed) to display the master and duplicate bar codes. Note the bar code(s) for the duplicates.

    3. Click the Clear Fields icon to close the display. Enter the duplicate bar code and display it.

    4. The master bar code will display beneath the duplicate. Clear this box and save the duplicate record.

    5. Repeat step 3 and 4 it there are multiple duplicates.

    5a. If multiple duplicates you may wish to create a new master. Display one of the duplicate records and put your choice for the master in the Copy Of box. Save the record. You will have to reply to a message to allow this change.

    6. At long last you can now delete the master record.

    • Also note that in Concourse the master copy will have a bar code number lower than the copies.

  • Janet, I'm thinking you have Concourse but I imagine it would be about the same in other programs.  To delete a master copy of an item, you must go to each item that is tied to it.  When you pull up each item number, you will notice that underneath the number there is a blank which shows what it is a copy of and delete that number.  You can only delete the Master copy when it is no longer tied to another item number.  Hope this works for you

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