See attached Participant Guide to the March 30 webinar by Alabama Baptist Convention. Click here.

Click here for the webinar recording.

Principle 5: Disciples Grow

Ken highlighted the following during his webinar about spiritual growth.

    1. Lifeway Research did a 30-year study and testing on discipleship growth assessment.

    Click here.

    1. The results are the basis of a pathway for churches to use in developing a discipleship process.

    (Booklet: Creating a Discipleship Pathway by Michael Kelley)

These signposts or markers are explained in Kelley's booklet.

  1. Engage with Scripture
  2. Obey God and Deny Self
  3. Serve God and Others
  4. Share Christ
  5. Exercise Faith
  6. Seek God
  7. Build Relationships
  8. Live Unashamed

 What are ways church libraries can help people grow in these directions? 

Ask your pastor or another church leader what your church uses for marking spiritual growth. 

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