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Adair Elwing posted:

Background: They moved our kids to building on far side of campus for SS and started Childrens Church in  Fellowship Hall so they are not in Sanctuary at all. Use to get kids checking out from cart in Sanctuary but now unless their SS teacher or Wed. night leader brings them over not to many kids are visiting there is an empty room upstairs on the hall where the kids meet for SS and Wed nights.

Question: Has anyone been sucessful at having kids library in one building and adults in the other?

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  • Our children's Sunday School rooms were moved from the hallway the Library is on to another floor, so the children were not stopping by on their way to and from their class. Our solution has been to load up a cloth utility wagon (about $90 from Amazon) with books and take them down each Sunday. We miss seeing them in the library but are glad to get books in their hands!

  • Hi,

    Our church at one time had a children's library in one building, and the adult books in the main building. Eventually that was changed; childrens library came to main church, but downstairs where the young kids, and fellowship hall where adults came after church. Adult collection stayed upstairs (collection of 2000+ items) was in our large entrance/foyer/hall.

        We also had another collection in the education building; a small collection of teaching materials for teachers to use.

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