• My url for my church library at First Baptist in Columbia, SC is:

    I tried to send this earlier.  This is just in case you did not get it the first  time.


  • We have an app that can be downloaded. It is Librista.

  • I want to add a library page to our website, but I wanted to ask if any of you check books out to the community? If you do, have you had any problems getting them to returned?

    • We do check out books to the community. It is a wonderful ministry. Yes we do have some problem getting materials returned but not much different from the church membership. The losses are worth the outreach. We have people applying  for cards from all over the city.

  • Our web page is:

    • Thanks for the link - nice looking webpage!

      • Our web page is:  We also have a face book page which is:  Our church web site also has a link to our web page.

  • A library web page  should be a priority. It is the one place where anyone can go at any time and find out about your library:

    •  hours
    •  materials for check out
    •  policies
    •  who to contact
    •  searchable catalog (maybe)


    Our web page is:


    • Thanks for the list & the link!

  • You might want to consider a blog. Word Press has a demo at

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